Confidentiality and openness


QUASIMEME is designed to provide support to laboratories for accreditation and for submission of data to monitoring, research or contracted organisations. It is the full responsibility of the laboratory to disclose information on its participation in QUASIMEME and its performance as part of their quality system. While QUASIMEME gives full support to each laboratory's quality system, it is not in itself part of that system. In setting this standard of confidentiality, QUASIMEME can maintain a position of impartiality. Support can be given to a laboratory which may require assistance to improve performance on a particular study, e.g. using the marine network to allow a participant to contact an experienced laboratory who can provide guidance and specific information. Each laboratory should decide when, and if, it wishes to declare the performance of any specific laboratory study.

The following statements refer to data and information.

  1. All reports and information on the performance of individual participants will remain confidential within the QUASIMEME Project Office and the QUASIMEME Scientific Assessment Group. QUASIMEME will not convey any information on data generated by a specific participant in the laboratory performance study to any third party. This also includes the transfer of information from one participant to another within the LP Studies
  2. All individual sets of data generated by each participant for the QUASIMEME LP Studies including information on the assessment of performance of the laboratory such as Z-scores or comments on laboratory performance shall remain the property of the laboratory submitting these data. Information on a specific laboratory may only be used by that laboratory
  3. All general comments made by the QUASIMEME assessors on any study, where there is no specific reference to any identifiable laboratory, shall remain the property of the QUASIMEME LP Studies and be available for publication
  4. QUASIMEME positively encourages each participant to make full use of their own study performance results in support of their Quality System for chemical measurements


The overall information on the progress of the QUASIMEME LP Studies will be published in reports and in the open literature. No participant will be identified in these publications. Full use of these reports and papers may be made with due acknowledgement to the LP Studies.