Terms of participation

The QUASIMEME LP Studies will be open and available to any organisation for the purposes of providing support to laboratories' QA programme through participation in external quality assurance scheme.

The LP Studies are financed by the participants. Each participant will be required to pay a fee for each group of test materials required. The list of test materials in each group and the scale of charges for the current year are given on this site and in the brochure which can be downloaded. The cost of the LP Studies includes the following:

  1. Provision of the test materials delivered to the stated address
  2. Provision of information and/or protocols to carry out that study
  3. Provision of a Sharepoint Site Data Submission Form with instructions for use for all data results.
  4. An assessment of the study and a report giving the details of the exercise
  5. Provision of a helpdesk and support relating to any matters of the LP Studies. Where a laboratory experiences long term difficulty on a particular analysis then the participant will be advised to contact an expert in that field to help with the solution to the problem
  6. Access to the restricted part of the interactive website
  7. QUASIMEME newsletter and other publications of QUASIMEME
  8. Invitation for attendance at all QUASIMEME workshops. Currently the cost of travel and accommodation is to be covered by the participant. QUASIMEME may require a registration fee to cover the cost of the conference facilities and invited speakers

Each test material will be provided in a suitable container, correctly labelled with the hazard warning and international codes for transport. It will be homogeneous and stable for the duration of the study period and sufficient for the determination. The amount of material required will be determined by the Scientific Assessment Group. In most cases there will be sufficient material for multiple determination. Also the test material may be stable for considerable period beyond the study period. Additional test material will only be provided when a participant can demonstrate that the amount provided was inadequate. Additional test material will be charged on a pro rata basis. Only one set of data will be assessed from each participant for each test material, except where replicate data are specifically requested. Sharing test materials between participants is positively discouraged due to the high risk of contamination or handling effects on the sample. Each participant should request a separate set of test materials.

The subscription year for the LP Studies shall operate from January to December each year. There will be two study periods in one subscription year.

The QUASIMEME Project Office will issue a list of test materials to be offered within the LP Studies for the following subscription year as soon as is available. Participants will be requested to complete the list of the groups of test materials required, using the subscription form provided and to return this to the QUASIMEME Project Office at least one month prior to the commencement of the subscription year. The test materials for any period will be dispatched within one month of the commencement of that period. Participants may request test material at any time. The QUASIMEME Project Office will normally despatch the material within one month of receipt of the order if it is during the study period. However, the project office cannot guarantee the timely arrival of the test material if it is ordered after the normal despatch date of that study period.

All participants will be notified of the dispatch of all test materials and an acknowledgement of receipt of these test materials will not normally be required. If no reply is received, it will be assumed by the Project Office that the goods have been received in good condition. It is the responsibility of the participant to notify the Project Office if there is any damage or if the test materials are not received. Participants will be invoiced for all orders received after the first set of test material has been dispatched that year.

A damaged test material will be replaced free of charge, provided that the participant provides details of the damage. However, where a history of damaged goods occur with shipment to any one location the project office may require evidence of the damage in order to claim for that damage in transit with the shipping agent.

The fees and annual subscription will be due, following receipt of the participant's request and dispatch of the first set of test material, regardless of whether the participant submits data on that study. Data will be regarded as submitted for assessment if it is delivered to the QUASIMEME Project Office, in the stated format, on or before the deadline of that study period. Data which arrive after the deadline may not be included in the assessment.

No subscription fee will be returned to any participant except, in unforeseen circumstances where a study has been cancelled and the test material is not issued. Once a test material has been issued it will not be accepted for return and full payment of the material will be due.